Lenovo Thinkpad Family laptops are designed for business user. Lenovo Thinkpad line started with IBM Thinkpad laptops 20 years ago, they have been famous for unparalleled durability and tougher design, IBM and Lenovo Thinkpads have won many awards for innovation in design and quality, ThinkPad have been used in space by NASA many times.
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Dell is the largest manufacturer of laptop computers and makes a notebook computer for every use and every budget from from inspiron series for home and student usage to latitude corporate and business line of laptops, to precision model workstations for graphic intensive usage and gamming laptops like dell xps and studio systems, aside from variety of stylish netbooks and tablets dell also offers super thin and light xps ultrabooks.
we have been selling dell laptops since 1998 in canada and we Carry a complete line of dell notebooks in any prices rage from cheap sub $200 refurbished models to highend dell gamming laptops.
HP is one of the most reliable laptop brands in the market and offers complete line of products from home student and small business models line HP compaq  notebooks, to high-end corporate model like hp elitebooks, a long lineup of pavilion dv gaming laptops and ultrat light envy ultrabooks.

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Samsung is one the largest manufacturers of computer product in the world and makes some one the most advanced and best looking laptops in the world.

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